Vision Statement
We, the Tirunelveli Medical College shall grow
  • To be one among the premier global medical teaching institutes that shall provide to the world society a continuous stream of responsible, ethical, well trained medical and paramedical professionals
  • To be one among the premier global medical and health research institutes that strives to improve lives and health of the world citizen through collaborative leadership, consummate effort, innovative ideas, global educational effort and ethical research.
  • To serve the Government of Tamilnadu as a foremost Medical Institute, to eliminate disparities in physician and scientist training, health care treatment, and health care access among the underrepresented, underprivileged sections of our mother society
The College emblem was approved by the then Chief Minister of the State of Tamilnadu in the year 1966, which is a mix of the greek and Indian traditions. The Official Emblem of the college has the Caduceus, with a wiff of Paddy to denote nel (rice paddy) in the city name Tiru'nel'veli ('nel'-  paddy)
The college adopted the words 'Duty, Dignity, Discipline' as its motto in the year 1967.
Our Mission
      We, the Tirunelveli Medical College shall persevere & strive
  • To develop and promote an acknowledged standard of excellence based on the core values of professionalism and ethics in Duty, Dignity & Integrity, Discipline & Personal Responsibility, Respect to Heritage and Service.
  • To continuously promote a culture that clearly recognizes and values the role of staff as partners in the success of the missions and to create an environment that attracts highest quality and ensures rewards.
  • As partners with the faculty and students, the Medical College is committed to provide all modern infrastructures to support the pursuit of excellence in education, patient care, innovation and research.
  • As an Institute, wherein we shall improve the number and performance of high school students who matriculate from into scholars of medicine and science from underprivileged & underrepresented sections of our society.
  • To create a responsive administrative organization that effectively provides the infrastructure and ensures optimum utilization of resources and incentives, develop a strategic planning and policy evaluation methodology required to support medical education, patient care and research.

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