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The Student Council was formed in 1966 following the admission of TVMC’s first batch in 1965 and was established to incubate and embelish the interest and talent of the medical students. The Student Council of the Tirunelveli Medical College represents the united voice of graduate and resident medical students and provides programs and activities, which support the institutes, vision, mission and core values. The office bearers of council will work in tandem with the administration to strengthen existing bonds between students, faculty and administration and to enrich the institutes education and co-curricular programs

Student Council Constitution & Byelaws

Vision & Mission

We the students of The Tirunelveli Medical College for the purpose of advancing the interests and well-being of the medical college and its students, both today and tomorrow, do propose and the following constitution of The Tirunelveli Medical College Student Council to be inculcated and followed in letter and spirit.

Name:The name of this organization shall be "The Tirunelveli Medical College Student Council"


The purpose of this student organization is to represent and promote the interests of the medical graduate student body. The student council will in tandem with the administration perform its duties to manage and resolve all and any matters that arise within the student body of TVMC.

Membership & Composition

Members: 1. Student enrolled full-time in the MBBS Program at Tirunelveli Medical College 2. Who is in satisfactory disciplinary standing. The Council: will be composed of an Executive Board, a Senate, and a General Assembly.

Disciplinary Actions

A member of the council can be impeached for egregious dereliction of duties or offense to the trust of the Tirunelveli Medical College. This requires a grievance statement signed by Executive Board and placed on the agenda for the following EB meeting and passed by consensus. The resolution may be sent to the Dean for action.

Executive Board (EB):

Composition: The Executive Board will comprise a group of office bearers in the following positions: Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, General Secretary, Joint Secretary, Treasurer, and Registrar, Club, Hostels and Batch Secretaries
  • Graduate Intern
  • Documented attendance at 3 Student Council Meetings in the last one year.
  • Submitted a completed application questionnaire

General Duties
  • It will be the responsibility of all members of the Executive Board to uphold and enforce the constitution.
  • The Executive Board will hold a minimum of 12 EB Meetings in a year. Chairperson will be required to attend all these meetings as non-voting member. All other members are invited as voting members.
  • The agendas for these meetings will be distributed to all members prior to the meeting with sufficient time for the Chairperson to decide whether the meeting is pertinent to the students they represent. Each member of the Executive Board is required to attend every general meeting. The number of absences for each EB member shall be capped at 2. Extenuating circumstances shall be reviewed by the EB. Each member of the Executive Board will be a full voting member of the council.


A. President

Call and preside over meetings of the council according to a consensus model

  • Work with the Executive Board to set EB meeting times and call general council meetings to order. Set the agenda for EB meetings.
  • Convene with the Executive Board prior to the general council meeting. Maintain regular communication with all batch secretaries, club secretaries and hostel secretaries.
  • Be responsible for the quick and complete execution of all resolutions adopted by the council.
  • Shall have the power to appoint Ad-Hoc Committees in lieu of major events and organizations. Shall have the power to delegate duties among Members at large when necessary.
  • Act as a spokesperson for the council.
  • Hold regular meetings with the Dean once every month.
  • Provide a Chairperson Report to the Student body.

B. Vice President

  • Assume the duties of the President in times when the office is temporarily or permanently vacant.
  • Co-chair the Organizations Committees. 
  • Ensure that Executive Board are fulfilling attendance requirements & Ensure that each club is represented by and Coordinate calendar of events.
  • Review organizational constitutions.

C. General Secretary

  • Maintain accurate and complete meeting minutes, Post minutes in a timely manner on the council homepage.
  • Maintain records, attendance records and the Rules of Procedures.
  • Maintain record of all student organizations that fall under the council jurisdiction & maintain and distribute pertinent contact information.

D. Treasurer

  • Co-chair of the Finance Committee.
  • Coordinate all financial matters of the Council.

E. Registrar

Document events and achievements of the TVMC  - both academic and co-curricular, Convene which each class to keep an accurate record of their individual achievements.

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