Our Core Values

We, the Tirunelveli Medical College shall persevere & strive in its mission to achieve the goals set for us by our noble class of teachers and alumni based on the core values of
Professionalism & Ethics: based on the axioms of the Hippocrates Oath and the ethical values inculcated in us through years of professional experience of our forerunners, with..
Dignity and Integrity: which shall be our guiding principle in all our professional decisions, teaching attitudes, campus performances, interpersonal relations and consummate global efforts at growth with adherence to the natural tenets of
Discipline: guided by regulations and requisites of the institute and laws of nature and natural justice, in all our performances and relationships in this campus which shall be crowned by our
Personal Responsibility: through thoughtful actions and informed acts which shall rise to glorify our
Heritage : the tradition of kindness, care, empathy & value for human life in
Service: of the patient based on six values of medical ethics namely Autonomy (the patients right to refuse or choose their treatment—Voluntas aegroti suprema lex), Beneficence (practitioner to act in the best interest of the patient-Salus aegroti suprema lex), Non-maleficence ("first, do no harm" -primum non nocere), Justice (distribution of scarce health resources, and the decision of who gets what treatment - fairness and equality), Dignity (the patient and the person treating the patient have the right to be treated with dignity) and Truthfulness and honesty (of informed consent).

Our Quality Policy

We, The Tirunelveli Medical College, are committed to provide Quality Medical care to our patients, Quality Medical Education to our Enrollments and Quality Health Guidance to our Society with uncompromised reliability.

Towards this end, we will always persevere and strive to create an environment of excellence in education, professionalism and patient service, to achieve the highest level of quality .

We will always work towards continually upgrading our human resources, technology, and accord effectiveness of our Quality Management System

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