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Littera means “The Alphabet”. Littera TVMC - CLADS are a group of committed campus graduates seeking proficiency in communication skills, with a mission of introducing the fresher to the art of public speaking, writing non technical issues, debating on national and international issues that mean importance to the medical community and the concept of creativity .

Littera in the college this year will have four major divisions

1.Writers Guild

Positioned as a confluence of campus graduates interested in creative writing & poetry. This initiative will assist talented writers & guide them in reaching out to the professional writing. Besides shall engage in organizing literary society meetings for discussion regarding literary works of its members. This media will also engage freshers to help vernacular medium students to adapt to the medical curriculum through communication sessions. WG will encourage students to contribute articles to print media and the college news letter. For those interested...Contact……..

2.Coffee Table

A campus congregation that has put itself together to encourage the habit of reading non medical , non technical material, and gather to discuss and critically review such of editions. For those interested...Contact……..


This shall encourage interaction of medical students with eminent personalities to help the young mind to understand the importance of selecting once role model, arrange training sessions with these eminence, and create avenues to showcase individual talents. For those interested...Contact……..

4.Bench Pal

A debating society drawn on the campus enrollments, who shall debate various issues of importance to the society and medical fraternity. For those interested...Contact……..

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