Locaton : Ground Floor, Main Block.



    Plain Xray 60mA, 100mA, 300mA, 500mA

    Contrast Studies

    Digital Xray Unit

    Image Intensifier Unit



    Doppler Studies

    CT Scan with Contrast Studies

    MRI Scans with MRS and MRA

    Guided FNAC


CONVENTIONAL RADIOGRAPHY: THE RADIOLOGY IS equipped with a number of manual and digital radiography machines. Apart from this there is an image intensifier unit for contrast and fluoroscopic procedures. The workload of CT scan on an average is 275 tests per day

ULTRASONOGRAPHY: The ultrasound facility of the department is one of the earliest ultrasound units in the city. There are facilities for trans-abdominal sonogram, antenatal sonogram, ovulation monitoring, paediatric and neonatal sonogram. The workload of CT scan on an average is 95-100scans per day

DOPPLER SONOGRAPHY of the abdomen, carotid and peripheral vessels, for pregnancy and kidney are performed routinely.


A number of invasive procedures like biopsy of liver, kidneys, mediastinal and retro-peritoneal lymphnodes, breast and muscul-oskeletal lesions are done under sonographic guidance. Computed Tomography (CT) The Department has CT scanner was installed in 1996 and is still functional and caters currently to emergency head injuries, guided procedures. The workload of CT scan on an average is 55-60 scans per day. CT guided biopsies of lung, liver mediastinal and vertebral lesions are the CT guided interventions done regularly. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) The department is equipped with 1.5T MRI with MRA and MRS facility.10�?? 12 MRI examinations are carried out every day. The majority of the work comprises of brain and spine scans.




1] Request Forms:
The forms should have the following entries - Name, Age & Sex, Unit & Ward, IP/OP Number, Income �?? Non Paying / Paying Case, Convict/MLC/Non MLC, NGGO/ESI with Numbers, Clinical History, Provisional Diagnosis, Previous Test Results, Signature & Name of Unit Assistant Professor

2] Rights:
Lab tests are based on Mechanical & Subjective Observations. All constituent divisions of the CDL have independent Internal and External QC mechanisms. Feed back is welcome for better service. If results do not correlate with the clinical parameters of the patient, call the concerned lab and inform the issue and ask for a repeat test if required.

3] Collections:
EDTA Bottles [Red Necked] for CP/Hematology Blood Samples and Yellow Necked Bottles / Plain Bottles for Biochemistry Blood Samples are available at request .

4] Working:
The CDL works for 24hours on all days. OPD : On all days 7.30am to 12.30pm. Routine Indoor: All Days7.30am to 5.00pm. Emergency undertaken all 24hours. Samples and Requests to be marked �??URGENT�??

5] Enquiries shall be made to the respective divisional Medical Officers and Technical Supervisors.

Our Quality Policy: Nothing comes before quality. We are acutely aware that our patients and physicians are depending upon us to produce accurate, complete and timely laboratory results. We meet this need because we never forget that each specimen represents a person awaiting a laboratory report that they can trust to help in making important healthcare decisions. Proficiency testing, quality control, document control and quality assurance exercised at the pre-analytical, analytical and post-analytical stages ensure that each specimen receives the best quality testing that laboratory medicine offers.
Our commitment to quality is genuine and strong. Similarly, our commitment to compliance is based upon our belief that each person in our company will do the right thing every time, without compromise. We are pledged to this philosophy of ethical behavior and know that while this encompasses adherence to all applicable regulations and standards, it goes beyond what the law requires. Our commitment to our patients requires no less.



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