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Dr.M.R.Rajasekharan MS DOrtho

Former Director, Institute of Orthopedics,
Madras Medical College, Chennai joined this institute
as its 31st Dean in January 2014.
Message of the Dean
Welcome. The Tirunelveli Medical College is a campus knitted by a common thread of hope and aspiration of its past, present and future, to make the world a better place. We are inspired by Dr.Abdul Kalam, our former President who extolled that India shall strive to be “A Nation which is the best destination for the most talented scholars, scientists and investors & A Nation where the best of health care is available to all”. Hence emboldened, we have assumed a genuine mission of providing to the society a continuous stream of responsible, ethical, well trained medical and paramedical personae. As a family, this institute has taken & is taking all measures to be a premier medical and health research institute that shall strive to improve lives and health through collaborative leadership, consummate effort, innovative ideas, global educational effort and ethical research. Tirunelveli Medical College, believes in partnership of its learned faculty and students, and is committed to provide all modern infrastructures to support the pursuit of excellence in education, patient care, innovation and research.
Our institute has a responsive administrative organization that will effectively provide the infrastructure and ensure optimum utilization of resources and incentives. We have since enunciated a new program of “Innovation & Strategic Planning” required to support our efforts at modernisation of medical education, patient care and research and to develop and promote an acknowledged standard of excellence based on core values of professionalism, integrity, personal responsibility and service. Our prospective students hence can consider to joining our next generation of innovative public leaders. We have students from more than 14 different states and indeed 25 percent of our graduate students. We insist on the highest standards of analysis and integrity and are looking for powerful ideas. This college web site will be a powerful gateway to our exceptional faculty and staff and their class scholarship, towards research collaborations in critical domains. I believe that being the Dean of this Medical College is the best job I have taken. When I see our students, I see in them the contributions our faculty and staff, and I contemplate the idealism and energy that pervades this college. Yet I do introspect, on how much more each of us can and must do to meet the enormous public challenges we shall face . We all have to, in the words of Napoleon Hill Cherish your visions and your dreams, as they are the children of your soul; the blueprints of your ultimate achievements.

Dr.N.Palaniappan MD; Vice Principal
Executive Leads
Dr. K. Shantaraman; Research, Innovation & Strategic Planning
Dr. S. Vallimanalan; Student Centre
Dr. M.R.Vairamuthuraju; Graduate Hostels - Men
Dr. A.Balakrishnan ; Graduate Hostels - Finance
Dr. A.S.Mohan ; Graduate Resident Hostels & Green Valley Society
Dr. J.Ezhil Ramya; Graduate Hostels - Women
Dr. V. Ramasubramaniam; Faculty & Research Ethics
Dr. S. Suresh Kumar ; Library & Informatics
Dr. S. K.Sreethar; TVMC Community Centre
Dr. J. Lawrence Wesley; Global Integration Program & Paramedical Studies
Dr. M. Saradha; Campus Centre
Dr. R.Sunitha; Community Out Reach Centre & Rural Health Research Unit
Dr. B.Meenakshi; Multi Disciplinary Research Unit

Academic Leads
Dr. R.Geetharani; Postgraduate Program
Dr. Arumugapandian S.Mohan; Graduate Program
Dr. P.Nirmala Devi; Graduate Clinical Training
Dr. J.Suresh Durai ; Paramedical Program
Dr. K.Swaminathan; Faculty Development Program
Dr. S.Poongodi @ Lakshmi; Biomedical Research
Mrs.Mallika Sankaranarayanan; Nursing Programs

Medical Education
Graduate Students:                             600
Graduate Interns (CRRI):                  150
Postgraduate Residents:                     162
Sub Specialty Residents:                    3
Nursing Education
Diploma Nursing:                                429
Para-Medical Education                  
Diploma Studies:                                240
Certification Studies :                         225
Public Information Office
Administrative Officer
Tirunelveli Medical College
Tirunelveli - 627011

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